Playmaker actions are now Live. Tutorial Master 1.5.0 is in works and more!

It has been a while since announcements have been made. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

PlayMaker actions are now available for download! Simply import .unitypackage into your project and custom actions will be available automatically.

Playmaker Actions Available!
Playmaker Actions Available!

Currently, Tutorial Master is undertaking large changes in its codebase: everything is being rewritten almost from scratch. This is a crucial step as it would allow developers to incorporate their own features and changes without causing a conflict with existing code.

With codebase rewritten, Tutorial Master 1.5 will start getting some exciting features! Here’s the current roadmap:

Planned Features:

  • Multi-Canvas support – you can have tutorials working across multiple UI Canvases
  • NGUI Support – support for a third-party UI framework solution
  • Debug Mode – enable visual debug mode, showing what tutorial and frame are being played
  • Multiple Arrow UI, Highlight Target, Text UI and Icon UI objects can now be created. Now you can have multiple arrows pointing at multiple highlight targets
  • Updated videos and API documentation – more detailed documentation that highlights all variables and functions to make it easier for developers to play around with scripts
  • Lots of bug fixing
  • Code is much more efficient, spending fewer resources

In the future:

  • Change the way Dark Background UI works
  • Make Dark Background and Arrow work with 3D GameObjects
  • Allow Arrow UI to point at the edge of the screen if the highlighted target isn’t visible by the camera
  • More entrance (apart from fade-in, fade-out) effects in the future

I am also working on a website which is going to be the main place for all guides, API Documentation, latest news and announcements for the Tutorial Master as well as other future products and discussion area (forums). There is nothing to look at (yet), and the website is subject to various changes.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are already active and all latest news will be shared there as well.
There is no ETA on Tutorial Master 1.5 yet, but hopefully, it won’t take a long time.

Elmar Talibzade

Owner and moderator of the HardCode Lab

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