Project Scan 1.0.4 Patch Notes


“Project Scan” folder now resides in the root folder of the project (formerly “Assets/Plugins/”). It is advised to remove an older version before importing a new one!



  • Added support for Unity 2017.3


Bottleneck Scanner

  • Fixed a bug where ignored directories wouldn’t be ignored during scanning process
  • Unsupported file types are now handled to avoid InvalidCastException errors


User Interface

  • Result cards now have animated transitions when being folded/expanded
  • Foldout area is now covers the whole width of a card, making it easier to fold/expand them

Reflecting on 2017 and plans for 2018

First off, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Many of us probably have their own resolution they wish to fulfill. I wish best of luck to everyone in achieving their goals, no matter how small or personal they are!

2017 has been wrapped up and I will be talking about things that are going to happen in 2018. But first, let us reflect on a previous year for a brief moment.


Looking back at 2017


Project Scan was released

2017 saw a release of Project Scan and before that, it went through tons of iterations and was shaped into a product it is now thanks to an amazing support of BETA testers!

Project Scan is a utility tool that allows game developers to find issues that could’ve otherwise affected the game performance. It gives a detailed explanation of how it affects your game and how could it be solved.

The product saw a positive response from both beta testers and customers and was praised for its great user interface and all amazing customer support! 😉


Sponsored a Christmas Giveaway Event

Hosted by Devdog and GameAnalytics, HardCode Lab has taken part in sponsoring a Christmas giveaway event by providing voucher keys for Project Scan and Tutorial Master! I would like to congratulate all the winners and thank Asset Store publishers for partaking in this event. It was an amazing experience overall!


Along those big events, there have been minor patch releases for both Tutorial Master and Project Scan.


Plans for 2018


Tutorial Master 2.0

I’ve been silent on Tutorial Master for quite some time. Last time I’ve been talking about a release of version 1.5 that would’ve brought some cool features. But as I’ve been working on it I started realizing that an existing codebase couldn’t handle all those cool features that were planned along the line. In short, the project was scrapped.

And the works for 2.0 has begun!

Before even touching the keyboard it was thoroughly planned: how new parts would interact with each other and different UI frameworks and different canvases. Tutorial Master 2.0 is being written from the ground up and things are looking pretty well.

Some of the notable is an ability to have multiple modules per frame! For example, if you want to have 4 Arrows pointing at a single button from all direction then it could be easily arranged!

Another thing is a localization system that brings a built-in support for multilanguage support.

I am really excited to go through all the features, however, I don’t want to cover everything here. I will post more information about Tutorial Master 2.0 very soon!


New Asset in works

I am also working on a new asset which will hopefully hit the Asset Store later this year. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can share at this stage.



And this summarizes both the past and the future! Once again, thanks to everyone who have been on this amazing journey with me! I am super excited for what’s coming this year for HardCode Lab!