Tutorial Master 2.0.3 Patch Notes

A new Tutorial Master update is now live on the Asset Store.

Bug Fixes

  • [Issue #4] Fixed a bug when Fly-In and Floating Effects wouldn’t work when “Update Every Frame” was enabled in Module settings.


  • Stage Module Editor has been improved to filter them by type. This makes it easier to manage multiple modules. You can always disable the setting by checking “Show all Modules”.
  • Removed unnecessary sprites and code in the Inventory Demo project.
  • Inventory Demo codebase is now inside of its own namespace.
  • Added Assembly Definition for an Inventory Demo codebase.


  • [Issue #3] Inventory Demo is no longer distributed inside of .unitypackage, but rather in a folder structure to address the broken dependencies issue.
  • Inventory Demo no longer relies on TextMesh Pro plugin to operate.

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