Tutorial Master 2.0.5 Patch Notes

A new Tutorial Master update is now live on the Asset Store. This update is packed with lots of changes and improvements!

There are code-breaking API changes! UnityEvent changes may be lost and compilation errors may occur.

API Changes

  • Added ActiveStageIndex in TutorialMasterManager Component
  • Added StartTutorial(tutorialIndex, stageIndex) method. Allows you to start a Tutorial at a specific Stage.
  • Added OnTutorialPlay event, which is called after Tutorial started playing.
  • Added OnStagePlay event, which is called after Stage started playing. It passes a Stage object as a parameter.
  • OnStageEnter is now called before the Stage is initialized
  • OnStageEnter passes Stage object as a parameter
  • OnTutorialEnter is now called before Tutorial is initialized
  • OnTutorialEnter passes Tutorial object as a parameter
  • Renamed CurrentTutorialIndex to ActiveTutorialIndex in TutorialMasterManager Component
  • Renamed CurrentStageIndex to ActiveStageIndex in TutorialMasterManager Component


  • Added verbose data validation system. You can read more about it here.

Bug Fixes

  • [Editor] Fixed a bug when controls wouldn’t be properly updated when changing selected Stage or Tutorial
  • [Runtime] Fixed a bug when using override prefab would lead to errors. Note that you will need to re-assign custom prefabs again.

If you’ve found a bug, or have any questions. Be sure to check out the support section or sending an email to support@hardcodelab.com

To see currently open issues, see the issues page.