Tutorial Master 2.0.6 Patch Notes

A new Tutorial Master update is now live on the Asset Store. This update is packed with lots of changes and improvements!

Aside from bug fixes and improvements, this update brings 29 new API methods to make it easier to modify tutorials at runtime.

One of the notable additions is the ability to enable/disable data validator. This is useful when some settings are not certain for you until you run a tutorial at runtime. You can disable data validator for the tutorial, for stage or even for modules. For full changes see ‘API Changes’ section.

API Changes

  • Added Tutorial.DataValidatorEnabled()
  • Added Stage.DataValidatorEnabled()
  • Added ModuleSetting.DataValidatorEnabled()
  • Added Module.UpdateModulePosition()
  • Added Module.UpdateModulePosition()
  • Added Stage.GetArrowModules()
  • Added Stage.GetHighlighterModules()
  • Added Stage.GetPopupModules()
  • Added Stage.GetImageModules()
  • Added Stage.SetArrowModuleActive()
  • Added Stage.GetArrowModuleActive()
  • Added Stage.GetArrowModuleSettings()
  • Added Stage.GetArrowModuleComponent()
  • Added Stage.UpdateArrowModulePosition()
  • Added Stage.SetImageModuleActive()
  • Added Stage.GetImageModuleActive()
  • Added Stage.GetImageModuleSettings()
  • Added Stage.GetImageModuleComponent()
  • Added Stage.UpdateImageModulePosition()
  • Added Stage.SetHighlighterModuleActive()
  • Added Stage.GetHighlighterModuleActive()
  • Added Stage.GetHighlighterModuleSettings()
  • Added Stage.GetHighlighterModuleComponent()
  • Added Stage.UpdateHighlighterModulePosition()
  • Added Stage.SetPopupModuleActive()
  • Added Stage.GetPopupModuleActive()
  • Added Stage.GetPopupModuleSettings()
  • Added Stage.GetPopupModuleComponent()
  • Added Stage.UpdatePopupModulePosition()


  • [Runtime] Effects system is now using Coroutines to avoid blockage of other operations
  • [Editor] You can now identify modules’ index number from the editor (see image below)

Bug Fixes

  • [Runtime] Fixed a bug when a Fly-In effect would pass its intended destination
  • [Runtime] Fixed a bug when a Module would be semi-transparent after previous Fade-In effect was interrupted mid-way
  • [Runtime] Fixed a bug when Pop-Up text wouldn’t clean up properly after its use
  • [Editor] Fixed an out-of-range exception when deleting the last tutorial from the Tutorial List

If you’ve found a bug, or have any questions. Be sure to check out the support section or sending an email to support@hardcodelab.com

To see currently open issues, see the issues page.