Tutorial Master 2.0.7 Patch Notes

A new Tutorial Master update is now live on the Asset Store. This update is packed with lots of changes and improvements!

API Changes

  • Module.cs – CallerManager property now made public

Bug Fixes

  • [Runtime] Fixed a bug when “Play On Start” wouldn’t work properly
  • [Runtime] Fixed a bug when module pools wouldn’t be instantiated when “Play On Start” is disabled
  • [Runtime] Fixed a bug when Fly-In and Float effects wouldn’t work when “Update Every Frame” is enabled
  • [Editor] Fixed a bug when UnityEvent control would use light skin style when using Dark Skin mode


  • Added support for Unity 2019.2.0f
  • [Editor] Tutorial Master editor visuals are now more consistent with Unity styles

If you’ve found a bug, or have any questions. Be sure to check out the support section or sending an email to support@hardcodelab.com

To see currently open issues, see the issues page.

Elmar Talibzade

Owner and moderator of the HardCode Lab

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