RockTomate 1.0.3 Patch Notes

A new RockTomate update is now live on the Asset Store. This update is packed with lots of changes and improvements!

Changes & Improvements


  • [Job Editor] Can now run a single Step
  • RockTomate settings are now stored in “ProjectSettings” directory
  • Can now copy job variable values to the clipboard (evaluates formulas as well)
  • [Step Browser] All categories are now sorted in alphabetical order
  • Added additional user settings in the “Preferences” window
  • Job Session Log has been renamed to “Job Session Console”
  • [Job Session Console] Can now sort log entries by Type
  • [Job Session Console] Log entries are now color coded by type to be easily identifiable
  • [Job Session Console] Removed unusable expand all/collapse all buttons
  • [Job Session Console] Can now clear console window
  • Printed log entries give more information regarding the failed jobs
  • RockTomate related log entries are automatically printed out if Unity is running in Batch Mode
  • Added an option to clear cache directory and log entries (available in Tools > RockTomate > Utils > Clear menu option)

Root Variables

  • Added: %UnityDir%
  • Added: %IsTempProject%
  • Added: %AppVersion%
  • Added: %IsBuilding%
  • Added: %IsCompiling%
  • Added: %TimeSinceStartup%


  • Added: trim()
  • Added: starts_with()
  • Added: ends_with()


  • New Plugin Integration: Bakery GPU Lightmapper
  • Added: Print List
  • Added: Copy Asset
  • Added: Delete Asset
  • Added: Create ScriptableObject Asset
  • Added: Comment
  • [Print] Now prints to Unity Console by default
  • [Print] Added an option to print to Job Session Console (disabled by default)

Bug Fixes


  • [Job Session Console] Fixed a bug when would sometimes throw exceptions
  • [Variable Bank Editor] Fixed a bug when changes wouldn’t be saved when window is closed
  • [Variable Bank Editor] Fixed a bug when Variable Banks created in newer Unity versions would throw null reference exceptions in older Unity versions
  • Fixed a bug when creating a variable bank in the “External Tab” would break Run Job’s TargetJob Field
  • Fixed a bug when whitespace at the end of formula input would skip the formula evaluation stage
  • Fixed a bug when nested macros would sometimes fail
  • Fixed a bug when formulas like split("Hello, world", ',') wouldn’t parse
  • Fixed a bug when duplicated Job and the original Job would share the same Id, causing errors down the line
  • Fixed a bug when custom step drawers wouldn’t be utilized


  • [Compile DLL] Fixed issues when trying to compile scripts in Unity 2019.3 or later
  • [Run Job Step] Fixed a bug when step wouldn’t fail if nested Job fails
  • [Run Job Step] Fixed a bug when duplication of this step would throw an error
  • [Run Job Step] Fixed a bug when exceptions would be thrown for nested Jobs with loop-able steps (e.g. Loop, Repeat etc.)
  • [Run Job Step] Fixed a bug when nested Job would continue execution even after parent Job execution has been interrupted

If you’ve found a bug, or have any questions, send an email to or submit an issue on GitHub.