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RockTomate Update 1.0.1

· 2 min read

Changes & Improvements

  • Now plays a system sound when Job has finished the execution when Unity isn't in focus
  • [Variables Window] Can now copy root variable values to the clipboard (both dynamic and non-dynamic)
  • [Variables Window] Root variables that resolve to array/list now show the first 20 items on the list. Copying to the clipboard will return all array items separated by a line.
  • [Job Editor Window] Now shows elapsed time while and after running a job.
  • Added %WorkDir% root variable - resolves a current working directory of Unity
  • Step property fields now properly updated when Step class is modified (e.g. adding or removing a new field etc.)


  • New Step: WHILE Loop
  • New Step: Upload to Asset Store
  • [Move File] Now asks for destination file path, allowing you to rename a file while moving it

Bug Fixes

  • Included Job asset files no longer appear corrupted
  • Adjusted visuals to make UI more readable for dark theme users
  • Fixed a bug when OR Joining operator would always return true
  • Fixed an issue when RockTomate prevented Unity from compiling the game
  • Fixed a minor issue where the name of the Job would have "(clone)" appended to it when running through a dialog window.
  • Removed unused DLL
  • Fixed a bug when child step would get deselected after job changes are saved
  • Fixed a bug when it was possible to create new variables while the job was running
  • Fixed an exception being thrown when trying to update job metadata when no job is being edited
  • Fixed an exception being thrown when trying to start a job with an empty variable bank
  • Fixed a bug when maximizing any window would throw errors for other editor windows