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RockTomate Update 1.0.2

· 2 min read

Changes & Improvements

  • Minimum version raised to 2018.4.0f1
  • Can now rename variables by double-clicking on them or through the context menu
  • Can now enable formulas for new fields by default
  • Can now disable system sound when Job finishes execution
  • Changed context menu items to be less obstructive
  • Error message shown if illegal characters are present in variable creation pop-up
  • Input field names is now auto-capitalized
  • Macro arguments now support single quotes
  • RockTomate's temp directory has been moved to Unity's "Temp" directory

Root Variables

  • New root variable: %CompileSymbols%
  • New root variable: %IsOnline%


  • New input macro: contains(%array%, %item%) - checks if array contains an item
  • New input macro: pretty(%string%) - prettifies a string (adds space between capital letters)
  • New input macro: invert(%boolean%) - inverts a boolean
  • New output macro: invert(%boolean%) - inverts a resultant boolean and saves it to a variable


  • New Steps integration: Turbo Builder PRO
  • New Steps integration: Turbo Switch PRO
  • New Steps integration: Turbo Backup PRO
  • New Steps integration: Maintainer
  • [Compile DLL] Now auto-creates a missing directory instead of throwing an arbitrary error
  • [Upload to Asset Store] Fixed a bug when package would be corrupted

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when existing scripting define symbols would be overwritten
  • Fixed a bug when a part of the macro argument would get removed if it either starts or ends with a quote
  • Moving RockTomate to a different directory no longer causes UI-related problems
  • Creating a directory named "RockTomate" no longer causes UI-related problems
  • [Job Editor Window] Fixed an issue when toolbar buttons were clipping in Unity 2019.3 (new UI)
  • [Job Editor Window] Fixed an issue when "Suppressed" column label was clipping in Unity 2019.3 (new UI)
  • [Variable Manager Window] Fixed an issue when adding an empty variable bank would spam Job Session Log Window with errors
  • [Variable Bank Window] Fixed a bug when the variable list wouldn't get updated if different variable bank is selected
  • Exceptions are no longer thrown when trying to access "Run Job" step properties window