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RockTomate Update 1.0.3

· 3 min read

Due to the changes in the project hierarchy, the current version of RockTomate must be removed before the new one could be imported.

Your existing jobs will be unaffected.

Changes & Improvements


  • [Job Editor] Can now run a single Step
  • RockTomate settings are now stored in "ProjectSettings" directory
  • Can now copy job variable values to clipboard (evaluates formulas as well)
  • [Step Browser] All categories are now sorted in alphabetical order
  • Added additional user settings in the "Preferences" window
  • Job Session Log has been renamed to "Job Session Console"
  • [Job Session Console] Can now sort log entries by Type
  • [Job Session Console] Log entries are now color coded by type to be easily identifiable
  • [Job Session Console] Removed unusable expand all/collapse all buttons
  • [Job Session Console] Can now clear console window
  • Printed log entries give more information regarding the failed jobs
  • RockTomate related log entries are automatically printed out if Unity is running in Batch Mode
  • Added an option to clear cache directory and log entries (available in Tools > RockTomate > Utils > Clear menu option)

Root Variables

  • Added: %UnityDir%
  • Added: %IsTempProject%
  • Added: %AppVersion%
  • Added: %IsBuilding%
  • Added: %IsCompiling%
  • Added: %TimeSinceStartup%


  • Added: trim()
  • Added: starts_with()
  • Added: ends_with()


  • New Plugin Integration: Bakery GPU Lightmapper
  • Added: Print List
  • Added: Copy Asset
  • Added: Delete Asset
  • Added: Create ScriptableObject Asset
  • Added: Comment
  • [Print] Now prints to Unity Console by default
  • [Print] Added an option to print to Job Session Console (disabled by default)

Bug fixes


  • [Job Session Console] Fixed a bug when would sometimes throw exceptions
  • [Variable Bank Editor] Fixed a bug when changes wouldn't be saved when window is closed
  • [Variable Bank Editor] Fixed a bug when Variable Banks created in newer Unity versions would throw null reference exceptions in older Unity versions
  • Fixed a bug when creating a variable bank in the "External Tab" would break Run Job's TargetJob Field
  • Fixed a bug when whitespace at the end of formula input would skip the formula evaluation stage
  • Fixed a bug when nested macros would sometimes fail
  • Fixed a bug when formulas like split("Hello, world", ',') wouldn't parse
  • Fixed a bug when duplicated Job and the original Job would share the same Id, causing errors down the line
  • Fixed a bug when custom step drawers wouldn't be utilized


  • [Compile DLL] Fixed issues when trying to compile scripts in Unity 2019.3 or later
  • [Run Job Step] Fixed a bug when step wouldn't fail if nested Job fails
  • [Run Job Step] Fixed a bug when duplication of this step would throw an error
  • [Run Job Step] Fixed a bug when exceptions would be thrown for nested Jobs with loop-able steps (e.g. Loop, Repeat etc.)
  • [Run Job Step] Fixed a bug when nested Job would continue execution even after parent Job execution has been interrupted