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RockTomate Update 1.1.0

· 2 min read

Changes & Improvements


  • Added Event Manager - allows you to configure RockTomate to automatically run jobs if certain events happen (e.g. new asset gets imported into project)
  • [Variable Manager] Persistent variables - persist variable values between job executions
  • [Variable Manager] Added new variable type: "Version"
  • Added support for Unity 2019.4
  • Added support for Unity 2020.1
  • RockTomate Jobs progress is now visible in the "Background Tasks" window (Unity 2020.1 or newer)
  • Can now run Job from the Inspector Window when it's selected
  • [Condition Editor Control] Minor GUI tweaks
  • [Job Editor Window] Can now quickly open previous Job files
  • [Formula] Can now run multiple macros in a single formula (not just nested) using String Interpolation

Root Variables

  • Added: %LibraryDir%


  • Added: if()
  • Added: envar()
  • Added: asset_type()
  • Added: incr()
  • Added: decr()

Bug fixes


  • [General] Fixed a bug when Unity would freeze when running a Job at random times
  • [Step Browser Window] Fixed an error when double-clicking on a Step while Job Editor is not visible
  • [Variable Bank Window] Fixed a bug when variables wouldn't be created correctly when Job Editor didn't have any Jobs to edit
  • [Variable Manager Window] Fixed a bug when you couldn't drag first variable bank into "External" tab