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RockTomate Update 1.1.3

· 2 min read

Changes & Improvements


  • Added support for Unity 2020.3
  • Added support for Unity 2021.1
  • Event manager data file is now required to be manually assigned instead of being auto-created on project initialisation.
  • Added a shortcut option to stop a currently running RockTomate job.


  • Can now create and edit array-type variables


  • [Build Player] Added File Name field to ask for exported file name where needed. Extension will be appended depending on the chosen platform.
    • to clarify, the Output Path field is for folder output path and will always be required
  • [Build Player] Now checks if the Build Target is supported by a currently running Unity engine
  • [Create GameObject] Now passes created game object as an output field


Root Variables

  • Added: %IncludedScenesInBuild%
  • Added: %AllScenesInBuild%
  • %ScriptingRuntimeVersion% is no longer available in Unity versions 2019.3 and later as it's been deprecated

Bug fixes


  • Fixed one-time compilation errors occurring when importing RockTomate for the first time


  • Fixed a bug when variables that have formulas enabled would be modified when copying resolved value to clipboard


  • [Create GameObject] Fixed a bug when step would create 2 same GameObjects instead of one
  • [Set Variable] Fixed an error if variable was not found when "Create New" option is disabled
  • [Run Job] Fixed a bug when formulas wouldn't be correctly resolved when overriding job variables