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RockTomate Update 1.1.5

· 2 min read

Changes & Improvements

RockTomate no longer ships Odin Serializer DLL. Instead, it includes its source code in its own assembly definition. Because of changes with Odin Serializer, the current version of RockTomate must be removed before importing a new one.

There should be no conflict with other Odin-based products in your project. Your existing Jobs won't be affected, but you should always backup your project before an upgrade.


  • Added support for Unity 2022.3
  • Removed support for Unity 2018.4
  • Api compatibility level now requires .NET 4.x or higher
  • Updated Odin Serializer library (2024.2.27 - 3d90af7a)
  • [Condition Editor Control] String comparison improvements. Can now compare the ordering of strings. For example (e.g. "A" < "B" would resolve to true)
  • [Condition Editor Control] Can now selectively enable/disable each condition statement


  • [Build Asset Bundle] Removed Deterministic field as it's no longer being used
  • [Set Variable] Improved variable assignment
  • [Run Executable] Added StandardOutput and ErrorOutput output fields to pipe process error/output back to RockTomate


Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug where creating variables of UnityScene type would cause errors
  • Fixed a runtime error that would happen when trying to open a Job asset file after upgrading Unity versions
  • Fixed an exception being thrown when variable bank editor window reloads after re-compilation


  • [Variable Manager] Can now search variables
  • [Variable Bank Window] Can now search variables
  • Fixed an error that would occur when opening array editor
  • Improvements to array-based formulas
  • Fixed a bug when interpolated macros would resolve to System.String[] instead to an actual value. It will now interpolate the 1st item in an array instead.


  • [Print] Fixed a bug when "Print to Console" option wasn't working properly