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Using Macros

Macros are lightweight functions that accept parameters and return a value: just like an ordinary function. They're called from within formulas.

To learn about available macros, see Macro References.

Calling Macros

Inside of a formula, macros can be called just like an ordinary function:


Passing Variables

Naturally, you can pass variables into macros:


Passing Macros

Macros can also be nested within each other

macro1(arg1, macro2(arg2, arg3))

Passing Whitespace

By default, whitespace characters are trimmed off parameters, but this can be prevented by surrounding your arguments in quotation marks ".

length(Hello )

Output: 5

And if we use quotation marks:

length("Hello ")

Output: 6

This works with any type of arguments that you supply including variables and macros.

sum("%VAR_TEN%", "sum("10", "10")")

Output: 30

Escaping Quotation Marks

Quotation marks can be escaped using an additional set of quotation marks.

Output: 0

Output: 2