Project Scan 1.0.4 Patch Notes


“Project Scan” folder now resides in the root folder of the project (formerly “Assets/Plugins/”). It is advised to remove an older version before importing a new one!



  • Added support for Unity 2017.3


Bottleneck Scanner

  • Fixed a bug where ignored directories wouldn’t be ignored during scanning process
  • Unsupported file types are now handled to avoid InvalidCastException errors


User Interface

  • Result cards now have animated transitions when being folded/expanded
  • Foldout area is now covers the whole width of a card, making it easier to fold/expand them

Project Scan 1.0.3 Patch Notes



  • Added support for Unity 2017.2
  • Minor UI tweaks

Bottleneck Settings

  • Added a directory treeview allowing you to exclude directories from being scanned. This makes filtering folders much faster and less tedious.

Affected Objects List

  • Added an option to add Folders to filters directly.
  • Added an option to “Open File” to open an asset in a default program
  • Added an option to “Open Folder” to open folders

Project Scan – Scan your project for performance bottlenecks and more!

Project Scan is an Editor Extension that allows developers and artists to scan their entire project to find potential performance improvements, a brief explanation and how to improve it!

It scans various assets like Audio Clips, Textures, 3D Meshes, Scripts and even your current Scene contents to find common performance errors.

Check out Project Scan in action!

Project Scan will also include other features apart from Bottleneck Scanner. Demo videos will be released once they’re ready for preview.

Feel free to provide feedback on the official forum thread!