Project Scan 1.0.4 Patch Notes


“Project Scan” folder now resides in the root folder of the project (formerly “Assets/Plugins/”). It is advised to remove an older version before importing a new one!



  • Added support for Unity 2017.3


Bottleneck Scanner

  • Fixed a bug where ignored directories wouldn’t be ignored during scanning process
  • Unsupported file types are now handled to avoid InvalidCastException errors


User Interface

  • Result cards now have animated transitions when being folded/expanded
  • Foldout area is now covers the whole width of a card, making it easier to fold/expand them

Project Scan 1.0.3 Patch Notes



  • Added support for Unity 2017.2
  • Minor UI tweaks

Bottleneck Settings

  • Added a directory treeview allowing you to exclude directories from being scanned. This makes filtering folders much faster and less tedious.

Affected Objects List

  • Added an option to add Folders to filters directly.
  • Added an option to “Open File” to open an asset in a default program
  • Added an option to “Open Folder” to open folders