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RockTomate Update 1.1.2

· 2 min read

This version introduces a new dependency: LibGit2Sharp

Changes & Improvements


  • Can now run Jobs via shortcuts (Unity 2019.1 or newer)
  • Memory management improvements

Job Editor Window

  • Can now open recent jobs when no job has been selected
  • Disabled "Run This" option for Comment steps

Step Browser Window

  • Improved search algorithm

Step Properties Window

  • Field types that have generics (e.g. List<string>) are now displayed correctly in tooltips

Variable Manager Window

  • Can now reorder variables

Variable Bank Editor Window

  • Can now reorder variables


  • Added: Run Unit Tests (requires com.unity.test-framework)
  • Added 12 Git-related steps (.NET 4.6 or newer):
    • Init
    • Add
    • Remove
    • Commit
    • Apply Tag
    • Get Repository
    • Get Branches
    • Get Branch History
    • Get Work Directory Files
    • Compare Commits
    • Create Branch
    • Checkout Branch
  • [Print List] Fixed an issue when trying to print with an empty list would fail this Step
  • [Run Job] Added "Auto Run" option
  • [Build Player] Added "Manual Cancel Fails Step" option (enabled by default). Cancelling building process manually will no longer mark Step as successful by default.


  • Added: peel()
  • Added: is_git_repo()
  • Added: get_git_last_commit_hash()
  • Added: get_git_current_branch()

Root Variables

  • Added: %ScriptableRuntimeVersion%
  • Added: %IsGitRepo%
  • Added: %GitLastCommitHash%
  • Added: %GitCurrentBranch%

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug when RockTomate's preferences could not be edited and SerializedObject target has been destroyed error being printed all the time
  • Fixed a bug when formula icons wouldn't render properly (Unity 2020.1 or newer)

Job Editor Window

  • Fixed a bug when opening a Job wouldn't focus the window if it's already been opened before

Step Browser Window

  • Fixed a bug when step list items wouldn't render properly (Unity 2020.1 or newer)