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Adding Third-Party Steps

Supported Plugins

Including Third-Party Steps

For this example, we'll include Maintainer steps into the project. Be sure to have the plugin added into the project in advance or there will be compilation errors.

  1. Download the GitHub repository as Zip. Ensure you're on stable branch.

The develop branch could reference some features which the current version of RockTomate does not support yet, which may result in compilation errors.

Use stable branch instead.

  1. Unzip the downloaded file and navigate to Steps-stable/Classes/Third-Party/PUBLISHER (where PUBLISHER would be "Codestage"). Copy the plugin folder ("Maintainer" in our case).

  2. In Unity project, navigate to RockTomate/Scripts/Steps/Classes/ and create a "Third-Party" directory.

  3. Paste the "Maintainer" folder into "Third-Party" directory.

  4. After Unity finished compiling, you should now see new steps in the Step Browser window.