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Job Editor Window

Job Editor Window is the main part of RockTomate: this is where most time is spent editing Job and running Jobs.

When instantiated, the window gets auto-docked next to Game or Scene windows if they're present.


At the top, the window displays a relative path to a Job which is currently being edited.


Opens Step Browser Window.


Opens Variable Manager Window.


Opens Job Session Console Window.

Expand/Collapse All

Expands/Collapses all steps that have child steps.


Begins the execution of a currently edited Job.


Interrupts the execution of a currently executing Job.

Note that sometimes the operation may not be possible depending on the nature of the Job. For example, when building a project, a progress bar appears which blocks input on background UI including RockTomate's Job Editor Window. There is now workaround for this.


emptySpecifies row number (can be hidden by right-clicking it)
DescriptionStep description. Contains the name and its description.
EnabledWhether or not the step has been enabled
SuppressedWhether to continue execution if step failed
StatusCurrent status of the step

Managing Steps

Editor lists all Steps in a tree-view fashion. Steps that accept children are nested within one another.

Deleting Step

After selecting a desired Step.

Menu item: "Delete"
Shortcut: Delete key

Re-order Step

After selecting a desired Step.

Menu item: "Move Up" or "Move Down" Shortcut: Shift + ↑ or Shift + ↓

Also can be reordered by simply dragging them around.

Duplicate Step

After selecting a desired Step.

Menu item: "Duplicate"
Shortcut: Shift + D

Enable/Disable Step

After selecting a desired Step.

Shortcut: F2
Or can be disabled by toggling checkbox in a "Enabled" column.



The window turns orange to indicate that the Job started running. You can't edit or select anything.

A currently executed step will be automatically selected and followed if it's outside the visibility area.