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Version: 1.0

Creating Tutorial

Creating a new Tutorial

Press “Create a New Tutorial”. Give it a name if you want (e.g. Newbie Tutorial). Then press “Add Frame”. You should now see a lot of options:

This is where you’re going to spend most of your time with Tutorial Master. All options are available: effects, audio etc.


General Settings

Frame NameMakes it easier to identify other frames from each other
Frame idShows the id of the current frame
Tap to Skip EffectsIf set true, while in game, if you click anywhere, the current animation (icon fading in, text flying in etc.), will be skipped

Timer Settings

Enable Timer – the timer will automatically go to the next frame after X seconds has passed Timer Amount (sec) – how many seconds to wait till to go to next frame

Dark Background Settings

Darken BackgroundIf set true, dark background will appear, covering everything except arrow, icon, text, highlight target and exceptional objects (if specified)
Fade In BackgroundThe dark background will fade in when the frame is being played. Recommended to be used once at the beginning of the tutorial for full effect
Fade SpeedHow fast do you want background to fade-in?
Add ExceptionsIf set true, dark background will ignore some of the selected objects
Exceptions ListGameObjects that would be ignored by the dark background. Add them by dragging them into the window

Highlight Settings

Highlight TargetDo you want to highlight target in this frame?
TargetUI GameObject that you wish to be highlighted
Detect UI ClicksThis option is available only if your UI target is a button (or has a Button component attached to it). If set true, if player presses the button, it will go to the next frame. It does not affect current OnClick() events the button has.
Point ArrowIf set true, an arrow will be pointing at your UI target
Pointing DirectionFrom which direction you want the button to be pointing?
Position OffsetIf you want to customize the distance between the UI target and arrow
Floating EffectIf set to true, the arrow will have floating effect
Floating RangeThe bigger the range, the further maximum distance arrow will float from UI target
Floating SpeedHow fast arrow floats
Fade In EffectIf true, arrow will have a fade-in effect when the frame starts
Render Top-MostIf true, arrow will be rendered on top of everything
OutlineIf set to true, an outline will be drawn around the UI
Outline ColourDetermines what colour the outline is going to be
Outline ThicknessHow thick the outline is

Text and Icon Settings

Use IconIf set true, an icon will be displayed where Icon UI is residing
Icon SpriteSelect what icon you want it to be
Fly InIf set true, the icon/text will fly into the scene
Fly SpeedHow fast do you want icon/text to fly in?
Warp ValueHow far away to teleport icon/text from its current position (to be calculated automatically in future release)
Fly In DirectionSpecifies from which direction should icon/text fly into the scene
Fade In SpeedSpecifies how fast does text/icon fade in
Use TextIf set true, a text will be displayed where Text UI is residing
Type Per SecondSpecifies how many characters per second are displayed
Description TextThese should contain instructions to the player. E.g. "Press this button to continue"

Audio Settings

Play AudioIf set true, audio clip will be played when the frame start
Audio ClipWhat audio clip do you want to be played?
Expose SettingsIf true, additional audio settings will be used
Mixer Group OutputWhich mixer group do you want audio source to belong to?
LoopIf true, audio clip will loop
VolumeChange the volume of the audio clip. 1 is default. 0 is mute