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Version: 2.0

Module Pooling

Tutorial Master comes with a pooling system that lets you reuse module gameobjects for different tutorials. This in turns improves performance in a long term.

The pooling system runs once when TutorialMasterManager GameObject is enabled at runtime. It runs through every Stage of every Tutorial and instantiates an optimal number of Module GameObjects. For instance, if you have two Stages that have one Arrow Module each, a single Arrow Module will be instantiated and will be reused between those Stages.

Instantiated modules will be inside of the GameObject where TutorialMasterManager component resides in. When they're being used, they will be assigned to the Target Canvas. They return back to their initial parent when they're not being used anymore

If you want a Module to use a unique Module prefab then you can easily override the current prefab by enabling the Override Prefab option in Module settings.

Pooling Settings

The only thing you would need to setup is to assign Module prefabs in Pooling Settings


Prefab of the Module that will be used as a basis for other Modules. Be sure that you drag the prefab from the Assets folder and not from the scene.

Override Pool Size

If set to true, you can set your own number of Modules to instantiate.


Number of Modules to instantiate.