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Version: 2.0

Arrow Modules

Arrow Modules are one of the ways you can guide the player to a certain action.

When using your own Arrow sprite be sure to that it points to the right, otherwise it'll end up pointing in the other direction.

Point Direction

Specifies in which direction should the arrow be pointing to.

UpPoints Arrow Up
DownPoints Arrow Down
LeftPoints Arrow Left
RightPoints Arrow Right
Top LeftPoints Arrow Top Left
Top RightPoints Arrow Top Right
Bottom LeftPoints Arrow Bottom Left
Bottom RightPoints Arrow Bottom Right
Look At TransformPoints Arrow at a specified transform

Be sure to set Placement Type correctly so that arrow does actually point at your UI Element. E.g. if Arrow's Point Direction is set to Down, then Placement Type must be set to Up.

Point Target

The transform of the UI Element or GameObject Arrow is going to look at if you have Point Direction set to "Look at Transform".