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Version: 2.0

Popup Modules

Popup Module is the perfect module when it comes to sending a message across. It's mainly used to tell players what to do or can serve as a simple message board.

Apart from showing body message, popups can show images and title labels. On top of that, you can also modify the label of the button. When creating your own Popup Module, be sure to assign suitable components.

If you're using TextMesh Pro version of the Popup Module, it will support HTML tags as well.

Sprite that will be shown on a popup.


Specifies the title of the Popup


Specifies the message body of the Popup.

Show Button

If set to true, the button of the Popup Module will be shown

Button Label

Specifies the label of the button

Button Click Event

Specifies the behaviour the Popup Button will have.

Play Next StageGoes to the next Stage of this Tutorial. Stop the tutorial if this is the last Stage.
Stop TutorialStops current tutorial entirely.
NothingDoes nothing. Quite useful if you want it to have its own custom behaviour.